1. Provide them with a window seat.

A good view is something that dogs adore. Even pups who aren’t quite as tenacious as guard
dogs like watching what’s going on in the world. Even better if it’s from a higher vantage point!
Look for a window in your home with a unique perspective of the street or backyard. Allow
your dog to have a nice view throughout the day by leaving the curtains open. Set it up with
their favourite blanket or bed so they’ll want to stay there. You’d be shocked how much time a
dog can spend just watching the world go by while waiting for you to get home and take him for a walk.

2. Hide food-related games throughout the house.

Many dogs enjoy sniffing down food and goodies, so spread some snacks around the house before leaving for work. Make it a little more interesting so it doesn’t become a routine, and your dog will spend the day sniffing out tasty treats. You can make this food hide-and-seek game even more entertaining by hiding the goodies in puzzle games for your pet to complete. They will not only have to use their sense of smell to find the treat, but they will also have to use their minds to figure out how to get the treat out of the puzzle.

3. Make an ice cube filled with treats.

Filling a bowl with water and dog treats the night before and leaving it out for your dog during the day can be a fun exercise on hot summer days. Treats will be exposed when the ice melts, creating a delightful waiting game for your pet. On a hot day, your dog can also speed things up by licking the ice, which keeps them cool and hydrated.

4. Turn on Dog TV.

If you can’t find a decent perch, window seat, or lookout for your dog, you can keep them entertained by watching TV. Youtube for Dogs is a great place to start. Keep in mind, however, that not all dogs are interested in watching television.

5. Use puzzles to keep their minds occupied.

\In most dog puzzle games, a treat is buried behind a contraption that your dog must manage in order to consume the treat. There are numerous additional options at your local pet store, like the KONG chew toy, which comes in a variety of durability levels based on your dog’s tenacity and strength.

6. Adopt a new member of the family.

Many dogs are better at ease when they have a companion. Adopting a second dog is a significant commitment, but finding the proper sibling for your pet can result in a lifelong bond. When looking at a second dog, keep the following in mind:

• Get a second dog that is the same age and/or has the same level of energy as your existing pet.

• Look for a dog that will fit in well with your family and your current canine companion.

• Before leaving them alone with your other dog, take the time to introduce them to the family and train them.

7. Rotate with your neighbours.

Sharing playdate responsibilities with neighbourhood dogs is a terrific way to keep your pet socialised and exercised whether you work part-time or split shifts. Throughout the day, everyone takes turns caring for a few dogs. Among the possible activities are:

• Going for walks with them

• Playing video games

• Interaction supervision

Ensure that they are nourished and hydrated if necessary.

If it’s possible, taking turns caring for your neighbours’ pets is a great idea. Your dog will be socialised, and everyone will have the opportunity to have a pack of playful puppies in the house once a week.

8. Hire a dog walker

Hiring dog walkers is getting more and more common, especially among city people. Dog walkers guarantee that our dogs get the exercise they need throughout the day, providing plenty of quality time for you and your pet when you return home, as our busy schedules keep us at work more frequently.

9.Cut holes in the rear fence for peepholes.

If your backyard backs up to something intriguing, such as a shrub or a street, you’ve got
yourself a fantastic day’s entertainment for your dog. Simply drill a few peepholes (and muzzle
holes) into the fence to allow your dog to see out.

10. Rotate a set of toys on a regular basis.

The majority of dog owners are aware of two things:

• Every dog has a toy that he or she prefers.

• These gadgets don’t usually live very long.

Dogs can be tough with their chew toys, so it’s a good idea to switch up which ones are available during the week. This not only increases the life of the toys, but it also keeps your dog engaged in new and enjoyable activities.

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